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went in post knee injury treatment. After three sessions and herbal pills my inflammation subsided.

Gabriela C

Love this place!

Sylan C.

No pain at night in almost 6 months. Dr. Dong is very polite and did a great job. Thx!

Debbie W.

I am so happy i bought this deal! i have always wanted to try acupuncture. i’m still going and paying with my student discount and will recommend this school and the treatments to my clients and frien… Read more

Teresa N.

I have no pain after receiving only 2 acupuncture treatments from Jiangxi How and I am trained in western medicine. It amazes me that I am pain-free after suffering for over a year.

Sheryl S.

I always look forward to my acupuncture appointments because it naturally heals the body and takes away the aches and pains. The staff at ACAOM is always knowledgeable and friendly.

Kevin Y

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